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Here you can find all links from the footnotes and the appendix of the book.

The Homepage of Hammerspoon:

The Lua sources of my spoons on GitHub:

The Lua source code of my configuration file init.lua and all modules used:

The reference manuals for all versions of the Lua language, technical documentation, scientific publications can be found on the website:

The main academic work on Lua discusses the philosophy behind her design in: Lua - an extensible extension language:

The following page provides a very good overview of the language: 

Search patterns (regular expressions) are very well summarized here:

The Wiki on is a very good collection of overviews, tutorials and articles about special topics for the Lua programming language:

The documentation of the Hammerspoon API with its functions, methods and constants:

Some blog entries by Diego Zamboni have Lua and Hammerspoon on the subject:

The list of applications with embedded Lua environment:

The ZeroBrane pages with tutorials about the IDE and the Lua language:

The size of a minimal Lua environment comes from here:

The eLua project is working on an optimized Lua version for microcontrollers. The last update of the project pages seems to be from 2015. However, the associated project on GitHub is still under development: