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Lua on a Mac

How to Automate
Routine-Tasks on a Mac


Automate it!

You have a Mac and want to do routine tasks with as little effort as possible? 

Then this book shows you how Hammerspoon can help.

Practical examples serve as a starting point for your own scripts. In most cases, all you need to do is change a directory name, web address, or email address to customize the mini-programs for your purposes. 

I will also introduce some 'spoons'. These small ready-to-use applications are installed with two clicks and a few configuration lines.

The examples show:

  • How your Mac sends a message to your iPhone for interesting events.
  • How to collect several sections of text in the clipboard, re-sort them and enter them in a form in one step.
  • How the spoon DeepLTranslate translates selected text sections.
  • How to remotely control actions on your Mac with an email.
  • How to add your own menu items to the menu bar.
  • How to add hotkeys for menu items of any program.
  • How to trigger mouse clicks with a hotkey.
  • How to check and change your Mac's system settings.
  • How each change in a directory calls a script.
  • How connecting a USB device triggers an action.
  • How to add hotkeys for menu items of any program..
  • How your Mac recognizes the location using your WiFi and changes the volume.
  • How your Mac checks every half hour whether your webserver is still responding.
  • How a script checks the Amazon sales rank and reports a book sale.
  • And much more ...

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List of Links

The book contains many links to the Internet in the footnotes and appendix, some of which are unfortunately very long. All these links can also be found here.

Sample Chapter

The table of contents and the first chapter of the book for download as PDF files.


Despite thorough proofreading, errors may have crept in - or statements that were once correct no longer apply to a newer Hammerspoon version.
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